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Tudor Replica Kitchen Collection


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Perfect to compare and contrast modern day kitchen utensils with these wondrous artefacts from a typical Tudor kitchen!
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What better way to teach children about history than to help them experience it through planning and cooking foods from the Tudor time period in history? Delving into the world of medieval foods and recipes can be memorable for children in school as part of a class project greatly aided by these authentic and accurate, replica utensils.

Set includes;

Apothecary Jar - Also known as a pharmacy, drug or ointment pot, this was used to store a wide variety or potions and medicines.

Skillet - Essentially a frying pan, which was an essential piece of equipment for the Tudor cook, used in a number of ways from cooking eggs over a fire or collecting the dripping fat from meat!

Costrel - This would have been used as a portable flask or bottle, the pair of lugs on the shoulder of the pot have holes in, through which a cord could be threaded to tie the vessel to your clothing.

Candlestick - Also known as a chamberstick, this has been included to add to the atmosphere of a real life Tudor kitchen!

Tyg - A two handled drinking vessel or a storage container.


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