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These sensory kits bring together a range of resources that stimulate all the senses.
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These sensory in a box kits bring together a range of resources that stimulate all the senses.
So whatever sensory input you child requires you will find it all here, from the visual display of the fibre optics, projector or bubble tubes; the interaction of the matching sound cubes through to the tactile feel of the finger colour mats all these items can be used for therapy, education, play or relaxation.
Easily transported, all these resources can be stored in the flight case and tub provided; ideal for a home setting.
Specifically designed with Special Needs children in mind however, children of all abilities will benefit from the equipment found in these kits.
Contents (may vary).
Visual: 1 x Mirage Projector, 1 x Projection Brolly, 1 x 6" Effect Wheel Rotator, 3 x 6" Effect Wheels (choose 3 from our wide selection), 1 x Jigsaw Softies, 1 x Magic Power Ball, 3 x Space Blanket, 2 x Ooze Tube, 1 x Multi Liquid Motion, 2 x Jump Bean Motions
Tactile: 1 x Band Buddy, 4 x Spine Balls, 5 x Finger Colour Mats, 1 x Finger Colour Squares, 1 x Touch n Feel Cards ABC, 1 x Matching Textures Bag, 1 x Massage Roller Bar
Auditory: 1 x Wrist Talker, 1 x Wrist Bells, 5 x Talking Point, 1 x Mini Rainbow Makers, 1 x Matching Sound Cubes
Massage: 5 x Hedgehog Balls, 2 x Massage Rollers, 1 x Bobo Massager, 4 x Spiky Massagers, 1 x Vibration Pillow
Olfactory: 1 x Aroma Dough Tub, 4 x Aroma Balls, 6 x Fruit Scented Bubbles, 1 x Cosy Bee


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