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A wide range of cross-curricular equipment to stage your own 'School Olympics' with equipment to measure speed and time so personal bests and class records can be set!
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A wide range of cross-curricular equipment to stage your own school Olympics with equipment to measure speed and time so Personal Bests and class records can be set!

Contents Include:

  • Ultimate Timers x 16 (Rechargeable! Recharging unit included)
  • Height Adjustable Hurdles x 18
  • Loudhailer x 1
  • Jumping Sacks x 12
  • Egg and Spoons x 18
  • Relay Batons x 12
  • 3 Legged Ties x 36
  • Open Reel Tape x 2
Ultimate Timers: Easy to use rechargeable stopwatches - never have flat stopwatches again! The Ultimate Timers have been specially designed for school use, featuring large, labelled buttons and are designed to fit comfortably into small hands - left or right. Just press the top left button whilst timing to save the time and display it at the top of the screen. The Ultimate Timer will save 40 laps/times before it will need wiping clear. Simply press the arrow buttons to scroll through the times, or clear them all by inserting a paperclip into the reset hole.

A recharging unit is included, which also doubles as a carry case and storage unit. The unit is wall mountable, lockable and shower proof. The stopwatches even feature a handy battery life display so you know when to recharge! They also features a 'sleep mode' when not in use to preserve battery life. Battery life lasts approximately 24 hours with continuous use, and takes just 4 hours to fully recharge.

The Ultimate Timers come in 4 bright colours, with detachable lanyards, and feature large displays to make them easy for children to read. Use in PE to record times and encourage personal bests, or in Science for timing experiments.

Height adjustable Hurdles: Adjustable to 3 heights - 15, 23 and 30cm. Change the height according to ability or just to create a varied hurdle course! Each height level is marked with a different colour. Made from heavy duty propelene. 18 in a set.

Loudhailer:Compact and lightweight megaphone with an audible range of 0.5 - 0.7km.

Jumping Sacks: Great for sack races! Made from high quality, hardwearing polyester with double-stitched seams fot extra durability. Set of 12, in 6 bright colours.

Egg and Spoons: Add egg and spoon races to your Olympic Games or sports day! The eggs even double up as shakers for your music lessons! Wooden spoons, plastic egg shakers in appealing metallic colours. Set of 18.

Relay Batons: Perfect for Relay races. Aluminium batons in assorted colours. 29cm length, 3.2cm diameter. Set of 12.

3 legged ties: Use for 3 legged races. Fastened with Velcro. Set of 36.

Open Reel tape: An open wheel measuring tape, great for long jump or distance throwing competitions such as javelin, discus or bean bag toss! 50m.

Links to PE Curriculum:
  • Develop running and jumping
  • Develop balance, agility and co-ordination
  • Taking part in competitive and team games
  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance
  • Compare performances with previous ones and work towards personal bests
Links to Maths Curriculum:
  • Measure and record length, height and time
  • Recognise, compare and order numbers up to 100 (KS1) / 1000 (KS2)
  • Compare intervals of time
  • Choose and use appropriate units to measure
Links to Science Curriculum:
  • Understand that exercise is good for our health
  • Taking accurate measures using standard units
  • Gathering and recording data


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