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A fun and exciting way to test reaction times. Load a ball, stamp on the pad and shoot the soft ball.
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Introducing the wonderful new Rocket Ball Stomp. Load the ball onto the pipe, set the trajectory of the ball and fire by jumping or stamping on the launch pad.

Set contains

  • 1 stomper launch pad and pipe
  • 4 foam rockets
  • 3 coated foam balls
  • Stand
This resources comes complete with 3 coated soft foam (7cm) balls. The balls can be fired up (vertical) to range of 20 foot and be aimed by the user.

This pack also comes with four fun foam rockets, which can fly over 50 feet in the air. Both the balls and the rockets are very soft, making them very safe.

Extra balls are available separately. Use as a fun reaction or targeting game to add a competitive element.

This resource is a fun playground exercise which can be used to improve hand eye co-ordination and reaction times. I will also get children active and running all over the playground retrieving the balls. Add more dimensions buy using nets and hoops as targets.

Cross-curricular - Science
  • What trajectory will launch the ball furthest? Too high and some of the power will be lost by gravity. Too low and the friction of the ball hitting the floor will slow the ball down... A fun and engaging experiement!
  • How much of pressure is needed on the launching pad to send the ball 1metre? 2 metres? 10 metres?
  • Where are the forces on the ball during flight?
  • How is the ball fired? Discover pressures!
  • Why does the ball fly less distance than the rocket?
Set contains, 1 stomper launch pad and pipe, 4 foam rockets, 3 coated foam balls and one stand which can be used to aim.


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  • 5/5 stars
    11 Jun 2014