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Replica Viking Shield 45cm Diameter


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This is an authentic replica of a Viking shield.
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This is an authentic replica of a Viking shield used in the 9th Century, a time when the Vikings ravaged the coastline of Britain!

The shield was the most common means of defence and finds from graves show timbers, such as fir, alder and poplar were used as they were dense and light and not inclined to split, unlike oak. In conjunction with stronger wood, Vikings often reinforced their shields with leather or iron around the rim. Replica handling is essential for children to really understand the developments in technology. Approximate diameter 45cm.

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Viking warriors were highly feared across Europe for their brutal attacks and unorthodox for the time weapon of choice, the battle axe. Well known for their close quarter fighting >
The Viking warriors were most likely a mismatched looking bunch with varying degrees of armour that would cover mostly the head and the chest area. Helmets were often made from leather, metal or a combination of both, tight fitting to be suitable for use in battle. The often seen Viking horns were more fiction than fact, and would have made the helmets unwieldy to wear and rather impractical. If the metal used for the helmet was limited it would be placed in strategic positions like the bridge of the nose and above or around the eyes. The clothing worn by the Vikings would usually be a tunic covered by some leather outer coat or jacket; this would keep them warm but allow them flexibility in battle.


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