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A Raspberry Pi controlled robot designed to unleash the power of Raspberry Pi in your classroom.
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A Raspberry Pi controlled robot designed to unleash the power of Raspberry Pi in your classroom.

Compatible with models from B+ to 3, it can be controlled using Scratch or Python. Pre-assembled all you need to do is mount your Raspberry Pi and start programming.

Key Features: • Individually program and monitor the various inputs and outputs (line follower, ultra-sonic sensor, RGB LEDs, motors, light sensor) • Input sensors allow user to control variables such as distance and light • Interact via Wifi or loading your program directly on to Pi2Go via USB • Compatible with Scratch and Python programming languages • Raspberry Pi Camera can be attached • Example programs provided to get you started • An online support site to discover the best way to get the most out of Pi2Go • Pre-assembled • Transparent protective case also keeps components secure • Enhance Computing lessons with real life application of programming • Write your program on screen and see Pi2Go come to life • Suitable for KS2 upwards.

  • Product Content:
    • Pi2Go Robot
    • Micro SD card and adaptor (pre-loaded with Pi2Go software)
    • Raspberry Pi Model B+
    • WiFi Dongle
    • 4GB USB Memory Stick
    • Rechargeable AA batteries X 12 (Including 3 charging units).
  • Brand: TTS
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Customer Reviews

  • 2/5 stars
    17 Nov 2015

    The device was an updated model, but the software had not been updated to match. Installation was more complex that the sales site suggested. The promised support website was not evident anywhere in the documentation supplied. The documentation is scanty at best. This is a product for the brave enthusiast/hobbyist. The Raspberry Pi supplied is an updated version of that described on the website, which is good - until you realise that the software has not been updated to match. It needs assembling using a hex nut driver (or small-nosed pliers) and a small Philip's screwdriver. The holes on the Pi board to not quite align with the pre-installed 'pillars'. Likewise, the battery housing is not quite aligned with its screw holes. Having to unscrew the protective case every time you want to replace the batteries is a pain. The supplied documentation is minimal, including an inscrutable diagram referring to assembly. When you find longer documents on the TTS website, they are barely adequate to get you going. The promised online support site does not exist (unless it is these few documents). You will need a Windows computer with an SD card reader to set up the wireless link to your network. You will also need to download and install a 'VNC' viewer in order to remotely program the Pi2go. I strongly recommend having a wired USB keyboard/mouse and HDMI connected screen available in case. I have made progress, but the software still does not fully function as expected. There is no real documentation for the Scratch extensions for the Pi (although you can piece ideas together from the example programs). The Python documentation is only a little better - and you need to know Python in the first place! All that said, it should be a great set of kit when finally set up.

    Our Response Thank you for your recent feedback and bringing this issue to our attention. We love to hear from our customers whether this is good or bad. I can assure you that this will be investigated and we will endeavour to resolve this as quickly as possible. I understand that a member of our customer experience team has been in contact with you and resolved this matter. Kind Regards
  • 2/5 stars
    18 Nov 2015

    The issues have not been resolved - to suggest that they have is disingenuous at best. The website has not been updated - the support site does not exist; the 'Ultimate' kit is by no means @Pre-assembled'; I have not been provided with documentation that clearly states what even the lights are on the Pi2go, let alone how to set it up or program it.