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Fabulous, water-based, semi-transparent paint, the possibilities of what you can create are endless!
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This really versatile, water-based, semi-transparent paint, is specifically designed to be peeled off smooth, non porous surfaces, such as acetate, glass, mirrors, plastics and porcelain and is specially formulated for the education markets.

Create'temporary art' which once finished with, can be peeled off and removed. Use on your reception windows to welcome your visitors with a themed piece of art. If seasonal theme, simply peel it off when ready for the next season.

Once fully dried this paint can be cut into shapes and re-applied to non porous surfaces and even sewn together like a material, which makes it a real contender for dressmaking!

This paint comes in a pack of totally intermixable colours: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black and White. Not only is it totally intermixable, you can also produce many different effects when mixing, from total colour creation, marbling to overlaying. Zoom in on our images and have a look at the different methods used.

Accompanying this set there is also an fine tipped outliner which colour emulates the look of lead, these come in packs of 5. Perfect for the stained glass projects or adding fine detail to your artwork, or why not use on glassware, teamed with coloured cellophane for a lovely stain glass effect.

We found that playing with this paint is the best way to discover what it is capable of.. we have recently embedded jems into the paint and created a bib necklace.. it really is that versatile!

Have a go and tell us what you make!

Top Tips:

1. To create the flowers on the dress, peel the paint of when it is still slightly 'tacky' to touch and it will stick to itself, no need for sewing or fixing!

2. Be aware that this paint when dry changes with temperature... so if you'd like a distressed look, cool the paint down and it will become brittle and 'snap' or gently warm up and it will become tackier again.

3. When finished with your artwork and want to remove it from the windows or glass, try using a heatgun or hairdryer on low heat setting to help easier removal.

WHY NOT: send us pictures of your creations, we would LOVE to see what you make with this fabulous paint. Send pictures to

You never know, your creation could end up pride of place on our website here or in our catalogue!


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