Outdoor Wooden Minibeast Mansion


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Built to the highest specification with the maximum number of interactive habitats, the mansion provides plenty of opportunities for insect study.
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Designed for use in schools this unit is a real gem for budding scientists and explorers.

The Mansion features (sections top to bottom): • A Solar ‘Night Flight’ Chamber with a sliding removable inspection drawer, allowing the study of night flying insects. • VUtubes are contained within a darkened drawer with may be withdrawn for inspection. These plexiglass tubes provide a fascinating insight into friendly solitary bee activity such as cell building. • Safe Bee nesting tubes are provided in the form of natural drilled stems and canes. These many narrow tubes provide the ideal home for friendly pollinating bees which are safe around children. Furthering children's understanding a Solitary Bee Lesson Plan is included. • The Feeding Terrace is a nectar bar which can be used to attract various beneficial insects and pollinators such butterflies, hoverflies, bees to ants. • The Timber Stack interactive drawer contains a wooden cassette which provides a cosy retreat for a myriad of insects including butterflies and moths. • The Litter Critter drawer at the bottom

  • Height: 146 cm
  • Length: 51 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Suitable for outdoor storage: Yes


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