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Nintendo Wii Sports Accessory Pack


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Sports accessory set for Wii controllers.
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Benefits of using the Nintendo Wii in the classroom:
• Can raise children's self esteem
• Increase motivation to learn
• Encourage children to work in teams
• Improve fine and gross motor skills
• Promote language, communication, interaction and concentration

Ideas of how to use a Nintendo Wii in the classroom:
• Wii Sports Golf for Subtraction
Start by making a note of the length of the hole you are about to play (A). Choose someone to come out and tee off. When their ball comes to a rest it will show how far to the hole (B). It does not show the length of their shot - so complete the subtraction with the class A - B = C (shot length). We repeated this for the other three players.
• Use as a Reward/Incentive
Use the Wii as part of a reward or incentive program to motivate students in reading, comprehension, or other subject area.
• Wii Sports Bowling for Number bonds to 10
Use bowling with younger children to practice number bonds to 10.Write down the number of pins knocked down and those left standing to create a number sentence. Some children could be extended by writing down a three part sum with the second ball. Even very young children can bowl on the Wii and this activity practices lots of other early maths.

This Wii Sport Accessory set contains 1 x tennis racket, 1 x baseball bat, 1 x golf club and 1 x controller >


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