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Muscle Developmental Pencil Grips 5pk


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Developed to support those who have difficulty in organising and sustaining a functional grip on a pen.
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This set has been developed by an OT to support individuals who have difficulty in organising and sustaining a functional grip on a pen. This could be for various reasons - from a physical disability which affects fine motor control, to learning difficulties and global delay where the finer and more dextrous movements are challenging. Grip in general moves from big to small - gross hand grip to pincer grip. Control comes from proximal to distal muscles - with the larger muscles developing closer to the body centre before the distal muscles controlling the finger muscles are finely tuned and coordinated. The largest size grip allows a claw grip to be organised on the pen, and allows muscles that control large grip to make the pen move. This is more easily sustainable as an introduction to holding a pen. As the motor skills and eye hand coordination for pen use increases, the size of developmental grip can reduce to the next size down. When the smallest size is used, this is a much less difficult transition on to using a chunky pen. Contains 5 grips from 2.5-5.5cm dia. Red grips are suitable for primary, yellow grip is suitable for 12 yrs +. Notes for use included.


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