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Metallophone Value Pack 3pk


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This fantastic set includes one of each of the Soprano, Alto and Bass diatonic Metallophones.
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Spend your budget wisely with this trio of Metallophones!

Designed exclusively for MES, our affordable tuned percussion range is manufactured to a very high standard which rivals that of the more well known brands such as Sonor and Studio 49.

We've listened to your feedback, and with help from Music Teachers and Advisors, we are able to offer you the quality and durability that you require from instruments that need to not only sound good, but need to last.

With solid hardwood frames and softly resonant metal bars, all our Diatonic Metallophones come with 2 F# keys and 1 Bb key ( stored on the side of the frame) for more versatility when playing different key signatures, and there's also the option to purchase the Chromatic add-on sections for the Soprano and Alto Metallophones seperately should you wish to. A pair of beaters for each instrument is included in the price.

Included in the set are

1 x Soprano Diatonic Metallophone -16 bars, C4-A5 with 2 F#s, Bb and 1 x pair of beaters

1 x Alto Diatonic Metallophone - 16 bars, C3-A4 with 2 F#s, Bb and 1 x pair of beaters

1 x Bass Diatonic Metallophone - 16 bars, C1 -A2, with 2F#s, Bb and 1 x pair of beaters

Soprano Metallophones are lightweight and are very easy to move around, and with their high, ringing sound, they are the perfect 'next instrument' for children who have already tried Glockenspiels.

The Alto Metallophones are great as an introduction to larger tuned percussion for Primary Schools. With their wonderful mellow tone and wider bars, children will delight in any opportunity to play!

With its amazing, deep sound, the Bass Metallophone is the Daddy of the trio and will provide a stunning bass line for any composition.

Introduce your class to the three different sized instruments, and let them compare the differences in sound.

Create layered compositions with bass and melody parts for children learning about structure, melody and different parts in music. Try some improvisation or ,work out how to play some songs 'by ear' that the children already know.


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