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Enable students to take responsibility for their own learning, through creative problem-solving, communication and teamwork activities.
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The Space Challenge enables students to take responsibility for their own learning. They will work as young scientists and engineers, immersing themselves in motivating STEM activities that prompt creative problem-solving, communication and teamwork. The Space Challenge is for all educators that want to teach STEM through hands-on problem solving. Even if this is your first experience using LEGO®INDSTORMS® or robotics in general, this learning program has been developed to support you and to make the materials suitable for your teaching environment. The Space Challenge Set consists of seven Challenge Missions, nine Learning Missions and one Basics of Gears project separated into student and teacher versions in a multimedia content environment. Each mission and project presents a fun STEM learning opportunity. The LEGO MINDSTORMS Content Editor features all the tools the students needfor documenting and presenting findings and results as they progress through the material. Three Research Projects, co-developed with NASA Engineers, provide rich opportunities for students to explore and create innovative solutions to current space exploration topics. The Research Projects are based upon three key problems that researchers around the world are trying to solve: how to ensure human survival in space, how to create energy in space, and how robots can help humans explore space.

The Space Challenge Set features the following main categories:
-Basics of Gears
-Students learn the basics of gears in order to build effective robots by applying knowledge of physical science and mathematics principles.
-Learning Missions
-Students investigate, observe, calculate, and apply knowledge to solve specific tasks.
-Space Challenge
-Students apply and creatively adapt programming and problem-solving skills to make robots that can solve challenges related to space exploration.
-Research Projets
-Students participate in discussions and conduct projects designed to familiarize them with the planning and development of space exploration.
-The Space Challenge also includes other categories with Building Instructions and other supporting materials.


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