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KS3 Write Now SPaG Low Attainers Activity Book


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Engage students with SPaG activities and improve writing skills.
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Write Now! Provide texts to engage students using their spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.
Activities help improve students' grammatical knowledge through practising and reviewing spelling rules, expanding their vocabulary and consolidating editing skills.
These activities are perfect for students who struggle and may be working below KS3 expectations.
Each book gives simple explanations to students in simple terms and are able to apply the correct grammatical terms that they have learnt.
These lower levels are a great way to boost confidence in struggling writers across the curriculum.
Topics in book 1 includes: Killer ride - nouns, informal language, interjections, visual writing techniques, brackets, fun park words, at the beach - prepositions, preposition phrases, abbreviations, Eat up! - verbs (main, auxiliary, tense), silent letters, writing numbers and Missing Miss Muffet - adjectives (positive, comparative, superlative), alliteration, similes, capital letters, full stops, exclamation and question marks.
Book 2 includes: Food frenzy - prepositions, preposition phrases, borrowed words, compound nouns and adjectives, Noodling - articles, paragraphs, direct speech, double consonants, interjection, Trouble! - conjunctions, clauses, silent letters, contractions, dashes, synonyms, antonyms and Blog time - pronouns, abbreviations, informal language, visual writing, slang.


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