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This hoop has a foam ball attached by an elastic string, use in a number of ways to work every major muscle in the body.
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This new concept and innovative design is a brilliant activity that can be used in a number of ways which works every major muscle in the body.

The Hula Speed Hoop is a 45cm diameter hoop which has a foam ball attached by an elastic string.

Use with either arms, waist or thighs, by rotating the hoop in a circular motion which will start the ball rotating around the hoop.

The trick is to keep the ball rotating! The fast you rotate the hoop the quicker the ball goes around and the longer the string gets.

  • There are four levels of play; the 'Shoulder Drive'. This is holding the hoop out in front of your body, holding the hoop by the handles on the inside of the hoop, and swinging the ball around the hoop.
  • The next progression is the 'Arm Swing'. This is done by holding the hoop the same way you would hold it for the 'Shoulder Drive', but this time hold it above the head.
  • The next Step is the 'Body Move'. This is done by placing the Hoop around the waist and moving the hips in a circular fashion as you would a normal Hula Hoop.
  • The final progression is the 'Hip Dance'. Place the hoop around the thighs or top of the knees, and with a circular movement of the hips, the ball will start spinning round. This is the hardest stage.
There is lots of fun to be had by children exploring their own moves and get creative with it.

Suitable for children aged 5 up to 16 years.

Colours may vary.


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