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This hoop has a foam ball attached by an elastic string, use in a number of ways to work every major muscle in the body.
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Lots of fun for children as they explore to find their own moves and get creative with it. Colours may vary.

Shoulder Drive: Hold the hoop out in front of your body, by the handles on the inside of the hoop, and swing the ball around the hoop. Arm Swing: This is done by holding the hoop the same way, but this time hold it above the head. Body Move: This is done by placing the Hoop around the waist and moving the hips in a circular fashion, just like a normal Hula Hoop. Hip Dance: Place the hoop around the thighs or top of the knees, and with a circular movement of the hips, the ball will start spinning round. This is the most difficult stage.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter: 45 cm


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