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A set of hula hoops in various sizes. A traditional favourite, ideal for all kinds of playground fun.
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Hula your way to playground fitness with these colourful and robust hula hoops... Who doesn't love to hula!!

A traditional playground favourite, these hoops are perfect for fun and engaging games. The number of games which hoops can be used for are endless, from skipping and hula to target games and agility exercises. Using hoops are great for giving children in your class visual clues as to where their own space is. Hula hoops can be used either outdoors, on the playground/school field or inside.

Why not set children the challenge of coming up with their own ideas on how they can be used, and see what they come up with? I am sure they will amaze you!

Our hoops are available in 4 different sizes, either 45cm, 60cm, 75cm or 91cm. All our hoops are made from strong durable plastic and are joined by plastic welding for extra strength.

Sets of 12 hoops, three of each colour: Red, yellow, green and blue.

21 activities you can do with Hula Hoops...
• Hula around the waist
• Hula around the arms
• Hula around the neck
• Hula around the top of the legs
• Hula challenge - how many can you hula around your waist at once?
• Laying on your back with your feet in the air, hula around the ankles
• Beanbag races
• Obstacle races
• Skipping
• Target games
• Use as safety zones in invasion games
• Speed and agility activities
• Team games
• Hop scotch
• Juggling
• Rolling
• Spinning
• Dance and movement activities
• Cross-curricular activities - Maths lessons Venn diagrams
• Sorting exercises
• Science experiments - making bubbles

Did you know...
• Hula hooping can increase fitness and co-ordination
• Hula hooping can burn up to 700 calories per hour!! - WOW
• Hula hooping will work many different muscle groups like, thighs, waist, arms and core
• Hula hooping is a great cardiovascular workout
• Hula hooping can increase the flexibility of the spine muscles


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    30 Nov 2016