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Follow the story of a little girl in rural Kenya, who plans a basket of fruit as a special suprise for her friend Akeyo. Explore the rich colourful tale with this fantastic story pack.
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Written by Eileen Browne, this well-loved picture book has great appeal for young children as they are 'in the know' about the antics of the animals whilst Handa remains baffled. This pack enables children to engage with the story and develop the key language skills they need to succeed as learners, readers and writers.

The pack includes eight story cards measuring 27.5 x 21cm, depicting a scene from the original story. The vibrant illustrations are rich in detail offering much to discuss and the reverse of each card suggests related activities for small groups. Made from plastic, the cards are durable for use indoors and out and are ideal for exploring focused areas of the story and story sequencing. For exciting ideas and cross-curricular activities related to the story, refer to the 32-page guide written by independent literacy consultant Jane Bunting. Suggestions include shared writing, setting up a message wall, role play, investigating fruit and considering the behaviour of the animals. The 'Ask Handa' board game encourages children to use language with increasing precision. Played in pairs or small group, one child becomes Handa and selects an unknown animal or fruit from a pack of cards. The other child/children then turn over cards from a second pack and take turns to ask questions with increasing detail e.g. 'Is it an animal?' and 'Is it an animal with a long neck?'. Only when they have gathered enough 'evidence' can they guess at the card 'Handa' is holding. Pack also includes 10 colourful wooden characters that measure between H3.5 and H12.5cm.

A Resources CD-ROM full of printable resources is also included. With themed writing papers, speech and thought bubble templates in A4, A5 and A6, an editable book list, concertina book templates and ready-to-write postcards, it offers many opportunities to support and extend the learning. A selection of related colour photos is included on the disk showing Handa's fruit growing, her animal friends in their natural habitat and Kenyan landscapes. For ages 3yrs+.


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