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Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Whiteboard Active CD


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This Whiteboard Active CD-ROM offers all you need to teach the sensitive topic of drugs.
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An informative DVD that looks into all the different kinds of drugs available and the dangers of these substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, class A and B drugs and prescription medicines, it also covers how to say no to drugs. It offers high quality BBC video clips, along with images, texts and activities, to help teach children about the different types of drugs, and the risks associated with them, along with many opportunities for discussion and interaction. Writing activities allow children to develop their ideas and give them a context for literacy work. A comprehensive teacher's book offers guidance about the best way of teaching the topic, help with using the CD-ROM, and suggestions for further activities. There are 6 units of work on this CD-Rom.

Full break down of the units on this resource are below:

Unit 1: What are drugs?

  • What is a drug?
  • What do drugs do to my body?
  • Drugs and medicines (1)
  • Drugs and medicines (2)
  • People and drugs
    - Which of these drugs are not medicines?
    - Three types of drug use
    - Why do people use drugs?
    - Who does not use drugs?

    Writing focus: life changing discoveries

    Unit 2: What are the risks?
  • What is risk?
  • Risk is normal
  • Pressure and influence
  • Persuasion
  • Decision making
  • Assertiveness

    Writing focus: How to say 'no'

    Unit 3: Different kinds of drugs
  • Medicines:
    - What is a prescription drug?
    - Who should we accept medicines from?
    - Different types of medicine
  • Tobacco:
    - Laws and rules about smoking
    - How does smoking affect people?
    - How much money do smokers spend each year?
  • Alcohol:
    - Laws and Rules about alcohol
    - Lisencing laws
    - Underage drinking in public
    - Keeping young people safe
    - Alcohol and driving
    - How does alcohol affect people?
    - When do people drink alcohol?
  • Volatile substances:
    - Laws and rules about volatile substances
    - The dangers of using volatile substances
  • Illegal drugs:
    - What illegal drugs have you heard of?
    - Illegal drugs and the law

    Writing focus: Dear Prime Minister

    Unit 4: Getting a balanced view
  • The Media and drugs
  • People's opinions about drugs
  • What's the real picture?
  • Writing focus: A letter to the papers

    Unit 5: Help and support
  • How difficult is it to give up drugs?
  • What to do if a friend or parent has a problem
  • Wring focus: Problem page
  • Responding to an emergency
  • The recovery position (1)
  • The recovery position (2)

    Unit 6: Review and reflection
  • What Have I learned about drugs?
Compatible with Windows XP and above. Not compatible with Mac.

Works with the following Whiteboards:

Hitachi software
Promethean ACTIVboard
Smart Technologies SMART Board


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