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Books introducing alternative spellings
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Dandelion Readers Level 4 series continues from Dandelion Readers Level 3.
14 different books introduce alternative spellings for further vowel and consonant sounds and common suffixes e.
(Level 5 and 6 of 'Letters and Sounds').
These delightful, fun books introduce the more complex spellings in the alphabetic code including alternative sounds for the letters ('k' and 's') and ('g' and 'j').
By the time children reach the end of this series they will launch into reading independently! The series introduces the following phonic sequence: Book 1 spellings for /ue/, Book 2 spellings for /u/, Book 3 spellings for /o/, Book 4 spellings for /s/, Book 5 alternative sound for the letter , Book 6 spellings for /l/, Book 7 spellings for /j/, Book 8 alternative sounds for the letter , Book 9 spellings for /f/, Book 10 suffix <-ture>, Book 11 suffix <-tion>, Book 12 suffixes <-ssion> and <-cian>, Book 13 suffixes Book 14 suffix <-sion>.


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