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A mini hovercraft target game with pushers and target mats. Perfect for children with special needs.
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With 3 different settings for all types of floor - wooden, concrete or carpeted gym, a foam skirt for protection and is rechargeable.

Once switched on, the power will operate for 20 seconds allowing plenty of time to aim and send the Hover Ring; should the time run out, then a simple tap will restart the motor. They can be launched by hand, using the pushers provided in the pack or even with your feet as you would when passing a football with the inside of your foot. Flashing, multi coloured LED lights are built in to provide even more interest and fun. Each Hover Ring has a dense foam skirt which protects and allows the craft to bounce off other Hover Rings, off walls, benches etc, allowing a new aspect and a multitude of new games involving rebounds, angles and other dimensions.

  • Product Content:
    • Hover Ring Set Includes:
    • .A pack of 8 Hover Rings (4 of each blue and red Hover Rings)
    • .3 x Target Mats
    • .1 x Bulls eye
    • .1 x Number Grid
    • .1 x Number Spots
    • .2 x Pushers
    • .1 x large bag for storage and transporting
    • .1 x Recharging unit with 8 ports
    • .Teachers notes which includes 16 activities and games.
  • Brand: TTS


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