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A fabulous selection of Christmas story books which will excite and enthral your class at that very special time of year!
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A fabulous selection of Christmas story books which will excite and enthral your class at that very special time of year! Eleven books that tell a different tale but focused on the story and message of Christmas. Titles chosen include: The Not so Wise Man, Leah's Christmas Story (the Innkeeper's Daughter), The Fourth Wise Man (French legend), '5 Minute' Xmas Stories, Ituku's Christmas Journey (set in the Arctic), I Can Make Things For Christmas, Saint Nicholas, The Animal's Christmas, '2 Minute' Christmas stories, Lion Storyteller Christmas and the tale of Baboushka. Contents could vary. All books are richly illustrated. 260 x 215mm. 32pg. Pbk.Leah's StoryLittle Leah is very concerned about the couple who come seeking a room at her father's inn. The woman is about to have a baby - and there is nowhere for them to stay except the stable. Here is a heartwarming retelling of the traditional Nativity story. It remains faithful to the gospel accounts but allows us to view them through the eyes of a child. In a deft and utterly convincing conclusion, the reader is drawn into Leah's belief that the tiny baby in her arms is in fact holding her with unshakeable love.The Not So Wise ManWhen Ashtar the Wise sees a new star in the East he knows immediately what it signifies. He sets off to find the new king, and uses his wisdom to help all he meets on the way. But somehow, his great knowledge keeps tripping him up. He misses each important clue about the purpose of his journey and fails to see the events of the first Christmas unfolding right before his eyes. Rich colour illustrations complement the story, showing readers what Ashtar is missing and adding to the gentle humour of the text. Praise for the hardback edition: 'MacDonald's tale has the upbeat tone of a comedy of errors, without ever becoming slapstick. Rowland's slightly cartoonish desert scenes let kids in on the joke, capturing the holy story to which Ashtar is blind.' Publishers Weekly.Ituku's Christmas JourneyA tale of the Arctic people, in which little hunter travels from the frozen north in search of the newborn king. After many weeks, the hunter paddles wearily to shore. As he shares bread and fishes with a man, his wife, and their newborn son, he realises that he has found the king...and that he has bread and fish to share with all humankind as he tells his story. A lovely story with ethnic detailing - and many wide eyed arctic creatures! - that highlights the inclusiveness of the Christmas story.Saint NicholasNicholas was a Christian who lived in the town of Myra in the fourth century AD. He was much loved for his charity and generosity. On one occasion, he wanted to give money to three daughters who were facing destitution because their father had no money for a dowry in order that they might marry. Nicholas thought of a clever way to give his gift in secret, showering gold coins into their house at night through the chimney. Some of the coins landed in the stockings that had been hung up to dry there. His good deed brought a happily-ever-after ending, and inspired a Christmas tradition. This book is retold for children from the famous thirteenth-century book by Jacopo de Voraigne, The Golden Legend.The Tale of BaboushkaBaboushka is busy with her house...she has so much to do. The late night arrival of three travellers at her cottage door interrupts her domestic routine of cleaning and polishing. Although she gives them excellent hospitality, she is relieved that they plan to travel on the following day. The men explain that they are in search of a new born king. Baboushka wonders whether to join them, but does not want to leave the house in a mess. Only later, when she sees the star and hears angels singing does she realise she made the wrong choice. She hurries to take her own gift to the king but cannot find him. Tradition has it that she searches still and wherever she hears the sound of children in a house, she leaves a secret gift. This traditional Christmas tale from Russia warmly touches on the true meaning of Christmas.The Fourth Wise manThis legend seems to originate in France. In it, the fourth wise man is unable to decide what gift is worthy of the child who is God's chosen king. He travels with the three wise men bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh, but fails to think of a suitable gift. He is so ashamed of himself, that he waits outside the house when the others go to give their offerings to the baby Jesus. To make himslef useful, he draws water for all the camels. Then he notices that the star that has led their way is reflected in his bucket. He carries it inside the house - and by a miracle it keeps on shining - a reminder that all we humans can offer is a reflection of God's own glory.


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