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Anxiety and Worry in a Tin CBT Kit


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This kit is designed to support young people to learn self-help techniques to support their personal management of anxiety and worry. Based on the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, it aims to empower young people so that they can make their own choices and decisions in relation to anxiety. The discussion fans enable conversations about “What do you feel anxious about?”, “What happens when you are anxious?”, “How do you feel?”, “How do you behave?” and “What do you need?” etc.
Talking about difficult situations and feelings can be hard. In the tin we provide 'stay safe, time out' cards for young people to say that they want 5 minutes out to catch their breath or think about what they want to say. Enclosed within the kit is also a comprehensive workbook; we recommend that the adult leading the discussion reads through the workbook and looks at the accompanying CD Rom which has printable worksheets and resources. Print out the required resources and help the individual consider their answers when filling in the worksheets. Use the suggestions in the workbook to lead discussion and lead the young person (or people) into learning self-help techniques to manage their anxiety.
There are also 4 'Option Reminder' fans in the kit, which are to be given directly to the young person to take away with them. Each petal is a reminder to the techniques they have learned in the group work or individual discussion. The options fans help the individuals to 'read' the worry and decide if it is 'real' or a 'feeling'; if it is a real worry, what can they do to ask someone for help or plan their actions? If it is a 'feeling' worry, how important is it and what techniques can be used to help deal with it?
The techniques also include a range of physical and mental exercises.
Lastly the options fan provides some essential telephone numbers, just in case the worry is too big for someone to handle and they need some help.


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