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More than 150 colour coded cards designed to help manage anger in healthy, positive and appropriate ways.
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Anger is an emotion that we all encounter in our lives, either through our own feelings or through the behaviour of other people. Anger in itself is neither good nor bad. it is the way we respond to the emotion that can make it constructive or destructive. The way in which we respond to certain situations depends to a large extent on our experience across all aspects of our lives. The aim of this box is to look at managing anger in healthy, appropriate and positive ways, providing strategies to help manage feelings of anger in ways that are acceptable to the individual and to others whose lives they touch.

This requires a willingness and desire to make changes to patterns of behaviour that may already be well established. The strategies suggested in this box are based mainly on an emotionally intelligent approach to managing anger. Emotional Intelligence is a crucial component in achieving personal happiness and success. It is a combination of self awareness and social awareness. This box aims to break the destructive cycle of angry behaviour. The activities are designed to encourage the expression of anger in a way that is socially acceptable by giving a range of strategies to try out. It is important to give responsibility back to the individual, by creating firstly self awareness of their emotions and then social awareness of the effect their behaviour has on others.

This is not an easy process and the final section of the box focuses on ways that the individual can be supported through the process with the longer term aim of self control and independence.

There are 4 sections to this box:

Section 1 - awareness of the emotion of anger, activities to gain a greater understanding of physical, emotional and behavioural aspects of anger.

Section 2 - Activities and strategies to promote management of anger

Section 3 - Structured support techniques Circle of Support a group approach for younger children.

Section 4 - Structured Support techniques, peer support for individuals.

Anger Management Out of the Box consists of more than 150 colour coded cards.


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