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An engaging interactive resource for your whiteboard packed with clips, pictures, stories and activities to help develop key history and literacy skills.
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This engaging interactive CD-ROM for your whiteboard covers a wide range of aspects of life in Ancient Greece, from the language and going to school, to democracy and women's lives, and looks at their influence today.

It is packed with inspiring video clips, pictures, texts and activities for pupils to investigate in order to develop key historical and literacy skills.

Strong literacy links throughout, and writing activities for every unit give children a context for literacy work.
A printed teacher's book offers background information, suggestions for further activities, cross-curricular links and guidance for teachers about teaching the topic.

Lesson planning is made easy with support materials for every topic and activities for every page
Exciting video including recreations of chariot racing, the ancient Olympic games, and the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur

Contents Listing

Unit 1: Where and when was Ancient Greece?
Greece today
Where was Ancient Greece?
When was Ancient Greece?

Unit 2: Ancient Greek language
The Greek alphabet
Words from Ancient Greece
Writing in Ancient Greece
It's all Greek to me!

Unit 3: Going to school
Going to school in Athens (1)
Going to school in Athens (2)
How do we know about schools in Athens?
A boy's life in Sparta
Writing focus: School life then and now

Unit 4: Women's lives
Jobs for women
Wealthy women's lives
Rich or poor?
Spartan women
Writing focus: A day in the life of an Ancient Greek woman

Unit 5: The Persian Wars
The Persians are coming!
Ancient Greek soldiers
The Persians return
The battle begins
Writing focus: A journalist's report from the battlefield

Unit 6: Democracy in Athens
Democracy today
Democracy in Ancient Greece
Greek justice

Unit 7: Religion
Gods and goddesses
The Parthenon (1)
The Parthenon (2)
The birth of Athene
Writing focus: Building the Parthenon

Unit 8: Myths and Legends
Theseus and the Minotaur (1)
Theseus and the Minotaur (2)
Fact or fiction?
The Minotaur
Writing focus: Theseus and the Minotaur

Unit 9: Going to the theatre
A visit to Epidaurus
A closer look
Men in masks
The chorus of birds

Unit 10: The ancient Olympic Games
A visit to Olympia
Throwing and jumping
Combat sports and prizes
Chariot races

Unit 11: The legacy of Ancient Greece
Buildings all around us
Ancient Greek thinkers: Archimedes
Hippocrates and medicine
Eratosthenes' sieve
Writing focus: The life of an Ancient Greek thinker

Compatible with Windows XP and above. Not compatible with Mac.

Works with the following Whiteboards:

Hitachi software

Promethean ACTIVboard

Smart Technologies SMART Board


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